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Workshops are our speciality. They are a complete feast for the senses, with masses of fine flowers and food- a perfect day away from the stresses of everyday life.

From our small corner of Yorkshire (with our cutting garden) or our larger space in Lancashire, and often also other interesting places we have discovered, we provide a warm and nurturing environment in which to learn the art of floral design. Whether you are new to flowers and want a day of escapism, a traveller in need of a break, an aspiring florist, or even an experienced florist in need of inspiration, we can provide the workshop for you.

Sarah spends time each year training and teaching with internationally recognised floral designers. Her philosophy for life is to ‘never stop learning’ and also through kindness and generosity to pass on to others anything that might help them in life, business and wellbeing.

Working with other floral designers, gardeners, writers, photographers and artists is very important to us and often we will collaborate with others to bring extra elements to our teaching and classes. Many of these classes are timetabled throughout the year but we can also arrange bespoke classes- for example for those who would like to know more about photography, or travel into some of our favourite parts of Yorkshire to see gardens, historical places, galleries or flower farms.

We host one-to-one workshops on a weekly basis, by arrangement and early booking is advisable.

Prices for our workshops range from £90 to £450 (and prices for collaborative classes will vary).

  • From our workshop and garden in the Yorkshire hillsides we are passionate about bringing beautiful, seasonal flowers to the North of England and beyond.

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